Monday, October 22, 2007

Alleged Attacker from Dutch Farm Exposed

By Marose Mizser

Here we are back at the Dutch Community cow farm with new revelations on the story of the two girls who had both broken their legs. (See Part I).
This morning I met the injured Roelien32 Karas and her saviour WitchEsmeralda Woodget at the farm. I now had a chance to ask them how exactly Roelien's accident happened.
Roelien told me yesterday she was pushed against a fence by some guy. Today she told me the name of this guy: LordSmAllen.

I asked him why he did this, but his only comment was: “If you publish this I will see you in court, Marose!”
The mystery of how the girls got to the hospital eventually is also solved now. Roelien told me she just had to struggle there on her own. Why did Fireman Maroen Jarman not help her? And where was friend of the girls Foxmenn Cortes at the time of the accident?

To be continued...

* Disclaimer* - SLFN is not claiming LordSmAllen broke Roelien's leg. This is for a court of law to decide. But it is our duty to quote Roelien's accusation. We do not take sides in this dispute in favor of neither party. LordSmAllen is welcome to provide his side of the story and it will be published.

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