Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Evidence Reveals Dutch Cow Innocent

second Life - Reporter giving roses to cow

Part 3 of the Dutch Farm Story

By Marose Mizser

Last night I went back to the Dutch Community to see if fireman Maroen Jarman was on duty and if he was willing to answer my questions. I searched everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. Is it possible he was fired by the fire department?

I also went looking for LordSm Allen to hear his side of the story. He was accused yesterday by Roelien32Karas for pushing her against the fence. He too had disappeared. Is he hiding from the press ?
Instead, I met Roelien32 Karas again who told me she had some new information for me. She presented new evidence proving Snip (the cow) is not guilty of leaving his manure in the center of the farm. Second Life Fresh News published an article saying Snip's manure caused Mystics Baile to slip and brake her leg. We are sorry for wrongly accusing Snip. So last night I went to the stable to present my apologies to this poor cow. I took some roses to give my excuses some extra strength. I talked and talked and excused myself a thousand times but Snip wouldn’t listen. I tried to give her my roses but she refused to accept them. When I tried to leave them in the stable she kicked them away.

Then suddenly, just when I gave up and walked away she whispered: “I will only accept your excuses if you reveal who is the one who left the manure on the farm.” I told her that I could not do that because the evidence I have is too sensational and could cause a huge embarrassment. I have a very clear snapshot of how it really happened. Poor Snip began to cry.

So should I reveal who left the manure at the farm? I think this is the only way Snip would be happy again. Second Life Fresh News will have to consider this and come up with a decision.

To be continued…

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