Sunday, October 21, 2007

Exotic Princess Arrives at Apolon Airport

By: Fresh Catteneo

After my brief meeting with the adventurous German pilot (see recent post) at Apolon airport, I thought that it was time for me to return to Forest Sangha, my SL favourite place. But my plans changed unexpectedly, when out of the blue, on a yellow little jet, arrived Pamela Princess, an irresistible blond beauty. The color of her dress even matched the color of the jet !
Pamela invited me for a ride on her jet and promised to show me wonders I could not imagine. Well...I didn't think twice and hopped on behind her. After all, it is my duty as an SL reporter to investigate anything that seems slightly suspicious and bring it forward to my news-hungry readers. (u..hummm).

Me and Pamela on the yellow jet - second life

We approached her island, a tropical paradise deep in the vast cyberspace of SL, where no Superman has gone before. Pamela built most of the island by herself, and indeed it was evident that she was talented in many areas...(u..hummm). We approached the docs. A pair of old and rusted cargo ships floated sadly like no one needed them anymore.

old rusted ships - second life

Then Pamela did something that totally caught me by surprise. She steered the jet right into the water. But It quickly became apparent to me that this was an amphibious aircraft and we were heading for a journey in the depths of the ocean.

amphibious craft diving - second life
I could not believe my eyes... A whole town lay sunken on the bottom of the sea. Hundreds of questions passed through my mind. Who lives there ? Amphibious people ? Mermaids ? Men of Atlantis ? Kevin Kostner ?

Underwater town - second life

But Pamela didn't seem to treat it as something unusual and steered the jet through mysterious paths right into her own house. Pamela promised me surprises and she absolutely kept her word. We soon emerged in her house into a room with the most amazing built in dance floor I have ever seen. She calls it the Salamander (91,120,33) and says everyone is invited to come and dance. (Well, almost everyone... naked people are not allowed)

Before saying Good bye, I asked Pamela to show me what her house looks like from the outside. Because we had entered it from an underground water tunnel, I was very curious. So here is a view of Pamela's mansion from the backseat of the yellow jet. Somehow I have a feeling that the adventures of Pamela Princess are not over yet... Stay tuned.

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