Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Fairy in a Castle in The Heavens

second life - building floating in the sky
By Fresh Catteneo

Not all avatars know, but the SL skies are almost as inhabited and full of life as on the ground. Once you start flying upwards towards the heavens, you will begin to see buildings and structures floating in the air. The castle in the picture belongs to Bietje Merlin and her boyfriend Jack, who built it all by himself. Bietje rents land in Forest Sangha, and that allows her to build structures in the space above that land. Here's what Wikipedia says about it: "The most basic method of moving around is by foot (also running and jumping). To travel more rapidly, avatars can also fly up to about 170 m above the terrain (meaning 270 m if ground level is 100 m, 180 m if ground level is set to 10 m) without requiring any special equipment, but with scripted attachments there is currently no limit to how high an avatar can fly (although once past several million meters, the rendering of the avatar mesh starts to be affected)." Well, I had to use an attachment called a "feather" that Jack gave me in order to be able to float around and take pictures of the castle. Without it I would freefall immediatly. When I arrived at the castle, I found Bietje standing on the porch.

second life - fairy standing on the porch
Bietje and Jack are good friends of mine. I thought I might pay them a visit and see how they are doing. Jack was away on vacation but Bietje was at home, flying around the castle dressed as a green fairy. She gave me a little tour of the castle. This is the ground floor.

second life - inside the castle
What caught my attention was the beautiful picture of Bietje and Jack that hung on the wall. Bietje said Jack painted it.

Then we pressed a button and were teleported upstairs to the second floor, to the bedroom and porch. The walls were decorated with a foggy light brown texture, and had two oriental shaped windows.

second life - bedroom and porch
Then Bietje told me to touch the walls and when I did they disappeared and turned into semi-transparent curtains. Nice! Gives you a really floaty feeling....

We went outside and sat on the porch looking at the sunset. Bietje started telling me about some adventures she and her friend Cat had at a Gorean Sim. What is a Gorean Sim you ask ? Well, that's a whole different story and I might tell you about it some day... Anyway, she and Cat dressed up as witches and went to annoy some Gorean people. Apparently they succeeded and were almost kicked out of the Sim for disobeying the rules. It happens that most Gorean men are fierce warriors and the women are their slaves... (except the Panther girls).

second life - Fresh and Bietje sitting on the porch
Bietje and Cat did finally succeed to escape from that horrid place but as a result Bietje got stuck to a broom and can't get rid of it. So whenever she tries to move, she is compelled to ride it. What a punishement...

second life - fairy witch on a broom
Click here to teleport to Bietje's castle.

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