Monday, October 22, 2007

Rare Creatures Discovered in Tibet

second life - Tibet Himalaya BuddhaBy Fresh Catteneo

The Himalayan mountains of Tibet are one of the more peaceful places on Earth. At this high altitude, where oxygen levels are low, only Tibetan monks and hermits can survive. Many of them are disciples of Bodhidharma - the founder of the Zen discipline of the Buddhist school. Meditation cushions are scattered between blue rivers and sparkling waterfalls which decorate the barren mountains. Golden statues of Buddhas sit there for thousands of years, undisturbed.

Second Life Buddha statue
This SL sim called Bodhi - Land of Buddha Dharma is a virtual island dedicated to the teachings of Buddha. Operated by a non-profit group comprised of real-life Buddhists from around the world, Bodhi is a public commons dedicated to exploring and cultivating Dharma for the benefit of all. Bodhi takes its name from the ancient word for "awakening," for it was under the Bodhi tree where Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment, an awareness of the true nature of life and the world around him.

Second Life pagoda, river waterfall
Expecting to find only birds and monks in this heavenly place, I was completely baffled when right in front of my eyes materialized one of the strangest creatures I have ever seen in my life. He was of a humanoid form, somewhat tribal, and was surrounded by a faithful group of pets which were no less stranger than him. His name was Excelsior Recreant and he states:
"What am I? Do you know? or do you just THINK you know? are you certain?
Appearances can be and often Are deceiving, take nothing for granted.
Only my form is fluid, my personality is solid. Honor is EVERYTHING."

second life demon tribal warrior
Excelsior explained that Tibet was his true home. This is a place where "griefers" will not enter.
He said griefers are trouble makers that have fun in harassing people, revenging, blowing up buildings and sending avatars to the moon. I looked at his pets and counted four altogether.

secondlife bunny bat Gargoyle creature

A black bat called Honery hovered a meter above his head.On his head sat a Dust bunny, on one shoulder a Gargoyle called Spitter and on the other shoulder a Pirate Kitty. They all knew how to talk and answered back when he called them. Slowly slowly I began to get used to Excelsior, and found him to be quite a pleasant chap. But if you don't know him, and have a weak heart, I wouldn't advise meeting him when you are all alone in a dark ally !

second life mask scare ghost voodoo
Clarification: Owner of Bodhi Tenzin Tuque adds that Zen and Buddhism are practiced and open to all traditions, cultures and countries. (Not only Tibet as it might be understood from the above article)

Stay tuned from more Tibet stories. This place is NOT what it seems....

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