Friday, October 26, 2007

At the Zoo

Second life animals - panda bears

The Animals of Second Life Part 2

By Marose Mizser

If you read "The animals of second life part 1", then you probably know that my co-worker Fresh Catteneo didn’t go much to the Zoo when he was a child. So I decided to have a look at the Escapade Zoo & Safari Park at Apollonia, to find out whether it is a nice place for a visit. Then I would invite Fresh for a tour and maybe some popcorn (only if he behaves himself…).
When I got there, I met face to face with two adorable Panda Bears. As they nibbled at the bamboo, they told me everything about the Zoo's animals.
I sat on a Lama and stood next to a camel. Where else can you do that, other than in Second Life?

Second life animals - camels

In the aquarium there was a very big octopus who told me that the train was leaving. So I hopped on for the most amazing train ride of my life.

Second life train ride

The first thing I saw were monkeys, and then the train submerged underwater. A shark passed very close to us. Luckily we survived, but it left me shaking.

Second life animals - shark
Not before long I ran into another horrifying experience. I saw a frightening creature growling at me. It looks like a dinosaur.

Second life animals - dinosaur

After that I hopped off the train and burst laughing at the sight of pigs rolling in the mud.

Second life animals - pig

I really recommend going to this Zoo if you are looking for a nice thing to do in Second Life. The owners, couple Clarissa Zhao and Dan Seiling did a great job.

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