Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mystery Helicopter Crashes at St. Benedict Monastery

Cyberspace-3d virtual reality helicopter crash

On Thursday evening, 10/18/2007, the pastoral atmosphere of St. Benedict Monastery Mountain was interrupted by an unexpected and rare event. The birds stopped chirping, the dogs stopped barking and all wildlife gaped with silent amazement at a white helicopter crashing thunderously into the foothills of the mountain.

Cyberspace-3d virtual reality-A LION AMONG SHEEP

Second Life Fresh News reporter who arrived at the proximity, a short while after the crash, found the helicopter's cockpit completely empty. Except a lion and a few sheep, no survivors nor witnesses where at the seen. Strangely enough, the motor was still running and the propeller turning at full speed.

Cyberspace-3d virtual reality-helicopter cockpit

Records show the helicopter is owned by German radio expert Stephan55 Kayo, and was created by aircraft specialist Apolon Obscure. While photographing the incident, we were visited by Catholic Spiritual Warrior Janek Bamaisin. He too was baffled at the strange event.
Why did the helicopter crash ? Did the pilot survive ? If not, why did his body disappear, and where to ? Could he be hidden somewhere inside the caves and secret underground tunnels of the ancient monastery ?

Cyberspace-3d virtual reality - St Benedict Monastery at sunset
Is it just a coincidence that the Catholic Spiritual Warrior happened to pass by just as we were taking pictures ? Or does he know something that we don't ?

To be continued....

Cyberspace-3d virtual reality-Superman reporting

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