Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Football Stadium Prepares for Launch

second life - football stadium

By Marose Mizser

Today I met Pascal Abramovic (on the right) and Patron Broek (on the left), the founders of the football stadium at the Dutch Community (0031). The stadium is located next to the Vinex district and will be the home base of the champion football team FC Schoondamme. Pascal got the idea to build a stadium because there are not many sports in Second Life. To make his idea come to life he contacted Patron Broek who is an expert builder. I can truly say this stadium is absolutely fascinating.

second life - playing footaball

On Saturday November the 3rd at 7.00 pm (Netherlands time) the stadium's opening ceremony will begin.Of course your reporter will be there. Come have a look for yourself at this beautiful stadium. Do you want to play football? You can subscribe by contacting Pascal Abramovic. It only takes three players to form a team. Don’t you have two friends as sporty as you are? If you don't have then Pascal could match you up with other players to form a new team.

Pascal himself will be the coach of his own team, FC Schoondamme. He was almost forced to stop building the stadium before it was finished. The management of 0031 decided in a meeting that the stadium will have to fit into the rest of 0031 and be a part of it. Some people thought it was too big. But luckily a split majority voted that the stadium should remain independant.

Click here to Teleport and visit the stadium:

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