Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stomach Problems at Dutch Farm

Second life - avatar with stomach problems

By Marose Mizser

Episode 4 of the Dutch Farm story

Last night we had a very long meeting at SLFN (Second Life Fresh News). We drank a lot of coffee and ate many doughnuts and coffee again and sandwiches (all on my expense, but I'm not worried, SLFN will get the bill at the end of the month). Towards the end of the meeting we finally arrived at a big decision. As you might have read in the last episode, we had to consider if we will reveal who left the manure at the Dutch farm, and caused Mystics to slip and brake her leg. Snip (the cow) is still very unhappy because she was wrongly accused.

At the office, the editors decided to vote on it, and I can tell you it was a very honest voting. Although there were some fights between us and differences of opinion, we are now proud to announce that we will reveal who left the manure at the farm. Ready ?

It was a male human avatar. His name is: Midknight Miles. As you can see on the photograph there is no doubt it was him. Off course I went to ask why he did this. He was very reserved but nevertheless he was willing to tell me.

Second life - male avatar ate a spoiled apple
He said he found a chocolate apple, and because he likes chocolate apples very much he ate it. But the apple was rotten. So after a while he began to feel pains in his stomach and had to relieve himself.

There are no toilets at the farm, and he couldn’t hold back in time to make it to the “Bonte koe” - where the toilets are. So he left his excrement out on the farm.

Second life - toilets restrooms
Now that we have revealed this I hope Snip is happy again and will go on with her life at the farm. I also want to say to fireman Maroen Jarman and LordSmAllen that they can return to the farm at the Dutch Community because I will not ask them anymore questions about this matter.

Second life - fireman firefighter

This was the final story about the broken legs saga at the Dutch farm, but I promise to update you if anything else interesting happens there. I hope you enjoyed reading the episodes and that you will come back to read more exciting stories about Second Life.

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