Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Animals of Volcano Island

second life animals - the animals of volcano Island
The Animals of SL Part 3

After dancing all night at the discotheque inside the volcano (see previous post), I felt I needed to get out and breath some fresh air. The sun was shining on Volcano Island and it seemed that the volcano's lava had stopped flowing towards the village. Although I still didn't see any people, some animals began to appear. There were many marine animals that I photographed either inside the water or near the seashore.

second life animals - shark
second life animals - pelican
second life animals - seagull
second life animals - crab
This is the second sea turtle that I have seen in SL. The first one I saw was at Bodhi, but he was of a different species. I plan on setting out on another expedition to Bodhi to document all the animals on that Sim. As I recall there are very interesting species of wildlife there.

second life animals - sea turtleThis is yet another species of humming bird and also the second I have encountered in SL. You can see a picture of the first kind that I met at Mystica at "Animals of Second Life Part 1"

second life animals - hummingbirdDragonfly
second life animals - dragonfly

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Ohh! I see my peli and my house in the background of the hummingbird pic! Too cool!!! :D