Friday, October 26, 2007

Volcano Inferno is Erupting

second life - volcano erupting on vacation resort

By Fresh Catteneo

I was informed tonight that volcano Inferno on Volcano Island has begun to erupt. Volcano Island is a tropical paradise and a vacation resort. When I arrived there it was completely abandoned, as all the guests and permanent residents have escaped for their lives. The lava began to flow down the mountain and is threatening to drown the village and bury it forever.
The only one left was a lion who stood on the beach and didn't seem to mind.

second life - lion on the beachI decided to take a closer look inside the volcano. This was very suspicious and there was no reason for this volcano to erupt. Something is going on and I had to find out what it was.

second life - inside the volcano
I flew and entered into the gaping pit of the volcano. The heat was unbearable but I had tolerated worse things in my life. After all, I AM Superman. I descended lower and lower until I almost stood on the lava bottom of the volcano.

second life - lavaSomething was fishy. I could swear I am hearing music from down below. This is no joke. I held my breath and dived into the sea of lava. I was in the dark for a few seconds and when I opened my eyes I was deep inside the volcano, under the sea of lava. I looked down and saw that I was hovering over non other than a discotheque....

second life - discotheque inside the volcano

The reason for the volcano's eruption was discovered. The 2000 MegaDecibels this discotheque was generating had caused cracks in the earth's crust and seismic vibrations which caused the volcano to start erupting.

second life - night club

This is a scandal and whoever is responsible for it should be reported to the authorities immediately. It's a man made disaster. I started looking up the records of the place to find the name of the owner and report him to the SL police but something peculiar happened. I began to like the music. It was so funky ! Not before long I was all over the dance floor, dancing like a butterfly... Doing some really groovy moves....

second life - superman dancing in night club
I think I will hold off calling the police for now. Maybe later. Hey, come on guys, this place is a blast! Click here to teleport to Volcano Island.

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